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Welcome to the Southern Queens Greenway

Welcome to the campaign aimed at extending NYC’s existing Greenway network into South and East Queens.  Today only a small fraction of the Greenway from the original 1993 and 2000 DOT and DCP Master Plans can be seen along Laurelton Parkway and Joe Michael’s Mile. Our goal is to bridge the areas along the Belt Parkway from Forest Park to the Cross Island Parkway with a Greenway to  complete the southern section of the original circle


Brief NYC Greenway History – For a more comprehensive look at the Master plan history

Coalition Partners – A comprehensive list of our existing partners

Contact – Interested in collaborating on the project? Fill out the form provided

Envisioning South Queens with a Greenway – Explore the positives. How communities will benefit from the Greenway

The Plan – Step by Step process of the Greenway project

4 replies on “Welcome to the Southern Queens Greenway”

Hi I should note that this has nothing to do with Queensway. It deals with the space alongside the Belt Parkway, Cross Island Parkway and the spaces in between. In short it does not affect any commuter rail R.O.W.


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