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Eastern Queens Meetup Kickoff Meeting and TAQAC

Transportation Alternatives Queens Activist Committee [TAQAC], a partner organization doing great activist and Complete Streets work in the borough, recently established a sub committee, “Eastern Queens Meetup,” to address pedestrian, public transportation and cycling issues of Eastern Queens. The initial November meeting, held in Bayside, NY, revealed that many Queens and Nassau residents were interested in strengthening the pedestrian, bike and public transit near outer lying parts of New York and there is work to be done in both the South and East. The following meeting for Eastern Queens Meetup is January 14th, second Wednesday of the month and future meetings will meet monthly. Check back again for the location and time.

For Eastern Queens Meetup there are two proposed meeting locations to accommodate NYC’s largest borough: Jamaica and Flushing.The committee is seeking public spaces that can accommodate roughly 20-30 people and preferably walking distance from the LIRR and/or MTA subway stops. If you, a family member or a friend know of any locations please leave a comment in the section below or refer to the contact page to reach the site administrator. Thanks for your support.

2 replies on “Eastern Queens Meetup Kickoff Meeting and TAQAC”

Saleen, I’m not sure we’d be eligible for this grant. We’ll have our petition up soon so keep an eye out for that. Thanks for your consideration!


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