Campaign updates

Making route distinctions

It has come to our attention that there is some confusion when recognizing the Southern Queens Greenway amid other recognized trails. The media has covered some of these pedestrian and bike friendly trails so it is important to understand the differences. We’ve been asked if this project has anything to do with the Gateway National Recreation Area. Though the Jamaica Bay trail is both beautiful and extensive it is not the same project. Please see the Google Earth satellite image below. It shows a zoomed in section of the routes from Southern Queens Greenway and Jamaica Bay. The thick black line indicates where the Cross Bay Boulevard bridges the Belt Parkway.

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT QUEENSWAY. Southern Queens Greenway does not interfere with any rail right-of-way. Please refer to the original plan listed under Resources for an in-depth route description.

Through the collaboration of NYC organizations, residents, elected officials and city/state agencies it is our hope that the Jamaica Bay trail and the Southern Queens trail will meet creating a more extensive and comprehensive NYC Greenway.

Jamaica Bay and Southern Greenway

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