Route Pictures

Laurelton Greenway (existing)

Happy holidays! Today I  finally got some pictures of the existing Laurelton Greenway that begins at North Conduit Avenue and ends at Merrick Boulevard. Please note that the forecast was cloudy. I took the majority of these while riding. Not a soul could be seen using the Greenway due to the season and low temperatures. I expect the trail will get used more when all segments are connected and maintained. Enjoy!

Part 1: Crossing Brookville Blvd to reach the Trail

From Francis Lewis Boulevard to North Conduit Avenue. Note the large street intersection. Not an easy crossing. Picture with Long Island Rail Road Far Rockaway Branch shows the direction of Brookville Park and the Greenway trail that extends South. Last picture shows the white borders where Greenway trail would connect from the Belt Parkway segment.



DSCF3048 DSCF3049 DSCF3050 DSCF3051 DSCF3053

Part 2: First leg of the trip Watch out for the little stub at the entrance. It can cause nasty accidents for pedestrians or cyclists if visibility is low or leaves are covering it. Notes from pictures. Lots of leaves. In any season fallen leaves present a slipping hazard. Worth mentioning the Laurelton has no light aside from the Parkway headlamps. Signage and light are two foreseeable problems. Would strongly recommend adding lights and call boxes to give female riders more confidence to use the path. Last picture shows the entrance and exit ramp to Parkway. Drivers need signs need to be alert when exiting or entering since there are no indicators of a trail.

DSCF3054 DSCF3055 DSCF3058 DSCF3061 DSCF3062 DSCF3063 DSCF3065 DSCF3068 DSCF3070 DSCF3072 DSCF3075 DSCF3076 DSCF3081 DSCF3083

Part 3: Where the Sidewalk Ends Trail continues north. It is unmarked, blocked and has clearly deteriorated. The completed Southern Queens Greenway will address this hitch.

DSCF3091 DSCF3087 DSCF3086 DSCF3092


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