Campaign updates

What’s new — June 2016

We’re still alive! Here’s what you can expect for this month and in the foreseeable future during the summer.

Short-term plan of action

It has been decided that the first area of the greenway that we will tackle is on Conduit Boulevard between Liberty Avenue and 80th Street. More on this soon.

Bike ride to East New York!

East New York area

Join us as we explore the wonders of Southern Queens and Eastern Brooklyn powered by our pedals. Here’s your opportunity to meet SQGW volunteers and leaders in person, and to get involved with the project.
Sunday, June 26th — 11 am
Brookville Park at 147th Ave
(click here for the Google map)

Please RSVP so we can alert you about changes due to inclement weather:


Website changes

We have started making changes to the website to organize the content and make it easier to use, with further changes to come. A new look is not promised! The changes will keep coming gradually, little by little, and we do hope this leads to a more enjoyable and useful experience.

Looking for: co-chair

We are right now looking for the role of the co-chair to be filled. For the most part, the co-chair would need to be able to attend meetings, meet with decision makers, speak on behalf of the project, and delegate tasks where necessary. As the e-mail load is very heavy, the co-chair shouldn’t mind writing frequently. Communication skills, such as phone calling, are a plus. Please let us know if you’re interested in this position.

By Samuelito

I'm a highly sensitive introvert raised in New York City. When I'm not laughing at puns or daydreaming (often romantically), I am concerned with New York City's transportation and volunteering to improve it.

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