Grassroots Advocacy

Southern Queens Greenway is not a design company, a municipal subsidiary, or affiliated with anyone else. We are a grassroots advocacy group, whose members are volunteers and supporters giving their time and resources to advance this request. Like any other project of this kind, to see this through, this will require winning support from community leaders and elected officials, until everything is in place to fund the construction of the final project.

But first, we want to begin engaging the community so that they discover what a greenway can do for them. This is the stage we’re at right now. We especially want to give them a voice so that, in the end, they’re given what they want and need, and not what they don’t.

Coalition Building and Education

Educating the public on the benefits of greenway infrastructure, and building a coalition network of stakeholders, ensures that SQGW is fully endorsed by the community and comprehensively addresses the demands of the public. Here are some potential organizations that align with the SQGW mission:

  • Public health
  • Education
  • Youth and senior engagement
  • Community civic groups
  • Park and trail Stewardship
  • NYC heritage preservation
  • Business development
  • Property owners and local businesses

By the way, if you are a business or organization that is not represented in the list above but would still like to be a part of this coalition, we welcome you; please reach out to us.

Endorsement of Community Boards

There are five community board (CB) districts for which the greenway area falls into:

  1. Brooklyn CB 5
  2. Queens CB 10
  3. Queens CB 11
  4. Queens CB 12
  5. Queens CB 13

In the beginning, SQGW will present the project to educate community leaders. As the project matures, the community boards will send out letters of support to their respective elected officials and city agencies to signify their support for the Greenway, thereby increasing the likelihood of receiving capital funding.

Approaching Elected Officials for Capital Funding

Funding and coordination is crucial in realizing SQGW‘s vision of a trail in Southern Queens. This trail would run through eight City Council districts, twelve New York State assembly districts, and six New York State senate districts. The route runs into the two most populated boroughs in New York City which, of course, are headed by their respective borough presidents. For successful implementation, all elected officials must be involved. There may even be a potential to receive federal funding for areas with a higher need for open space.

Once all of the above are in place, a timeline will be established for outreach, public forums, funding cycles, and construction.