Here are some PDF documents and websites related to the project.


Conduit Boulevard Feedback Portal

The DOT has put up a webpage that allows comments about the section of Conduit Boulevard between Atlantic and Sutter Avenues, as it is today. It is now open for comments, so anyone familiar is welcome and encouraged to leave a comment on the big map and say how you feel about a specific intersection, feature, or the stretch as a whole, as well as check out some additional information that they have posted.

NYC Bike Map

With the Department of Transportation’s newest yearly edition of the city’s bike map, you can look up the location of any designated bike routes currently on the ground, whether it’s a greenway, a bike lane, or sharrows. But any lanes built out after the publication of this map will not appear until the next edition, coming the following Spring.

NYS Traffic Data Viewer

“NYS Traffic Data Viewer” allows users to see Traffic Data from 2013. To access this tool, press the blue link labeled “Open the Traffic Data Viewer.” Once inside the GIS User Interface zoom in and pan like you would on a regular Google Map search. If you zoom into Conduit above Jamaica Bay and the Belt Parkway you can get a sense of how much traffic the road sees on a single day. The map units are Average Annual Daily Traffic counts. Each number is equal to a car that passed the counter.

A Greenway Plan for New York City, 1993 (this link is no longer active)

This is the first document from the city to outline the routes running through New York City, including Southern Queens. There is not a lot of detail for specific routes, but it gives an overall sense of where the Conduit – South Queens – Laurelton – Cross Island Greenway, 2000 would run.


Conduit – South Queens – Laurelton – Cross Island Greenway, 2000

This is the the original city plan that the Southern Queens Greenway is modeled after. We use this as reference and for context. Any and all updates will require community input before moving forward.