SQGW on the Map

We used Google My Maps as a foundation to put everything about our project as we possibly can in one place. On this map we have history, future, and information in the present such as schools, businesses and organizations, and even the district areas of elected officials!

Using this map with a touch screen

This map has a lot of information, and you can open or close them away from view. To do this, tap the icon on the top left corner of the title bar. Then when when the table of contents slides out, check or uncheck the information that you want to see. (You can view more than one layer at a time).

To move and pan around the map or zoom in and out, touch and drag (or pinch) using two fingers. Swiping with one finger scrolls through this page.

Using this map on a desktop computer

The table of contents works the ssame way whether tapping or clicking.

To zoom in and out, use the + – buttons on the lower right corner.

To move and pan around the map, just click and drag.